What kind of beneficiation reagents need to be added in batches

The purpose of rational addition of beneficiation agents is to ensure greater efficiency of the agents in the slurry and maintain an appropriate concentration.Therefore,according to the characteristics of the ore,the nature of the agent and the process requirements,the site and method of dosing can be selected reasonably.In addition,there are some situations that need to be added in batches.Then,what are the specific situations that need to be added in batches?

For the following 3 situations,batch addition should be used:

(1)Pharmaceuticals whose dosage requires strict control.Such as sodium sulfide,if the local concentration is too large,it will lose its selective effect.

(2)Agents that are prone to react or decompose in the slurry.For example,carbon dioxide,sulfur dioxide,etc.,if added at only one point,the reaction will fail quickly.

(3)Agents that are hard to dissolve in water and are easily carried away by foam(such as oleic acid,fatty amine collectors).

The action time of the medicament is not the same.The commonly used medicaments in practice can be determined by experience,such as xanthate 1~3min,pine oil 1~2min.

Therefore,it is necessary for you to choose not only the appropriate beneficiation reagent,but also the appropriate method of dosing,and pay attention to the dosing time to prevent failure when adding chemicals according to different situations.