What should be paid attention to in the use and storage of xanthate

Xanthate is the most commonly used collector for flotation of sulfide minerals such as galena,yellow actinium,sphalerite,pyrite,natural gold,natural silver,mercury,and malachite.There are ethyl xanthate,pentyl xanthate and so on.Xanthates with 4 carbon atoms in the hydrocarbon group are collectively called low-grade xanthates,and xanthates with carbon atoms above 4 are collectively called high-grade xanthates.In order to give full play to the effects of xanthate,the following aspects should be paid attention to when using and storing:

(1)Use it in alkaline pulp as much as possible.Because xanthate is easily dissociated in water,hydrolysis and decomposition can occur.If you need to use it in acid slurry in some cases,you should use high-grade xanthate,because high-grade xanthate decomposes more slowly in acid slurry than low-grade xanthate.Then,do the medicine in segments as many times as possible.

(2)Xantho solution should be used as soon as it is prepared.Do not prepare too much at once,let alone use hot water.At the production site,xanthate is generally used as a 1%aqueous solution.As xanthate is easy to be hydrolyzed and decomposed,do not mix too much at once.Can not be mixed with hot water,because xanthate will decompose faster when heated.

(3)In order to prevent xanthate from decomposing and failing,it should be kept tightly closed during storage to prevent contact with humid air and water.It should be stored in a dry,cool and well-ventilated place.Don't be heated,pay attention to fire.