Concentration ratio when using butyl xanthate

Butyl xanthate is generally used as a collector in concentrators,and its dosage is determined by the beneficiation test.The data provided is generally how many grams/ton,that is,how many grams per ton of raw ore.

Generally speaking,solid butyl xanthate should be formulated to a concentration of 5%or 10%before use.However,the selection factory generally calculates relatively coarsely.For example,to configure a concentration of 10%,generally 100 kg of xanthate is put into one cube In the water,stir well.

But it should be noted that the butyl xanthate liquid should be used in time after preparation,and the storage time should not exceed one day.Generally,a new one is prepared every shift.

When adding butyl xanthate liquid,the actual amount of liquid added is calculated based on the unit consumption amount provided in the test and the concentration of the liquid.

To calculate the unit consumption time for a period of time,the unit consumption is calculated based on the consumption of solids and the actual amount of ore processed.