How to distinguish the quality of foaming agent?

Foaming agent is a type of surfactant that can reduce the surface tension of water to form foam,so that air bubbles in the aerated flotation slurry can be attached to the selectively floating mineral particles.Everything is good or bad.What aspects should be looked at to identify the quality of foaming agent?For specific methods,see what the beneficiation reagent manufacturer says:

1.Distinguish the color:most of the tail of the selection is white water film.If the color of the selection area is darker,the metal loss will be greater.The darker the color of the rough selection area,the better the quality of the concentrate.

2.Look at the reality:reflect the degree of foam mineralization.The coarse selection foam is relatively solid,while the sweep selection foam is empty.If the raw ore grade is high and the medicament is appropriate,the rough head foam will be normal and solid;if the inhibitor is excessive and the collector is insufficient,the foam will be weak;if the inhibitor is insufficient,activator,and collector are too much,the foam will be too solid and compact.

3.Look at the size:general sulfide ore flotation foam,1~2cm is small foam,3~5cm is medium foam,8~10cm is large foam.The size of the bubbles is related to the degree of mineralization.The degree of mineralization of the medium bubbles is good;excessive mineralization(such as a large amount of collector"drawing groove")hinders the merger of bubbles and forms abnormal small bubbles;when the mineralization is poor,the bubbles merge to form large bubbles;Bubble merger but easy to burst.Therefore,small bubbles are common in tailing,but small bubbles may not appear in tail tailing when there are easy-floating sulfide minerals or fine mud in subsequent operations.