Several types and properties of collectors

The collectors become hydrophobic on the surface of the minerals and make the floating mineral particles adhere to the bubbles.There are many types and properties of the flotation agent during use.The following briefly introduces several collectors and properties.


Kerosene is one of the most widely used non-polar hydrocarbon collectors for slime flotation.It is a distillate product during petroleum cracking.The main component is C11-C26 alkanes,which are basically insoluble in water and only have a collecting property.The consumption of kerosene is generally 1-2㎏/t.

According to different uses,kerosene is divided into lamp kerosene,tractor kerosene,aviation kerosene and other varieties.According to the product quality standard,the content of distillate below 270℃should not be less than 70%,and the content of distillate above 310℃should be less than 2%.Kerosene often contains a small amount of aromatics,olefins,etc.,but its properties vary greatly due to different sources.From an economic point of view,lamp kerosene is generally used in coal slime flotation.

2,light diesel

Light diesel can be divided into catalytic diesel,straight-run diesel,thermally cracked diesel,and coking diesel according to different processing methods.The carbon chain length of light diesel oil is often C15-C18,the fractionation temperature is about 165°C-365°C,and the density is 0.74-0.95g/cm3.

Light diesel oil has some large molecular weight paraffins dissolved in it.When the temperature drops,it will"crystallize"and precipitate out of the oil in a networked structure,that is,the solidification of light diesel oil.The coal preparation plant shall use light diesel oil with different freezing points according to different seasons.

Commodity light diesel oil is divided into No.10,No.0,No.-10,No.-20,No.-35 according to the freezing point.Flotation generally uses No.0 or 10 diesel oil,and the amount is usually 1-2㎏/(ton dry slime),which is related to the amount of foaming agent for slime flotation.

The composition of light diesel oil fluctuates more than that of kerosene,especially the aromatic content.For example,the aromatic content of catalytically cracked light diesel is much higher than that of straight-run light diesel.The collection performance is higher than that of kerosene,but the selectivity is not as good as that of kerosene.Because of its high molecular weight,light diesel oil has a high viscosity and a large size of oil droplets dispersed in water.It spreads slowly into an oil film on the surface of coal particles,but its hydrophobicity is strong.Therefore,it is used as a coal with a lower degree of deterioration during flotation.Collectors are more advantageous.

3,shale light diesel

The distillate obtained from shale light diesel shale tar is cold-pressed dewaxed and then washed with acid and alkali.Shale light diesel oil contains more unsaturated hydrocarbons(olefins and aromatics),as well as oxygen and nitrogen-containing substances.Therefore,shale light diesel oil has strong collection performance and certain foaming performance.Usually used for easy selection or medium easy selection coal slime,the dosage is about 1-2㎏/(ton dry coal slime).

4,MB series flotation agent

MB series flotation agent is a series of collectors used in flotation coal preparation.It is brown in color and has a density of 0.93 g/cm3.The basic composition is alkane(C9-C15)normal structure,isomers,aromatics,and polyalkylbenzenes.Class,alkyl indan,and other ingredients.This series of flotation agents have 5 products,which have both collection performance and foaming performance,which can meet the flotation needs of different flotability coals.Among them,MB1 is suitable for more difficult-to-float coals with medium volatile matter and fine sludge content,and has better collection performance than MB2,and is suitable for warm areas in southern my country;MB2 is suitable for relatively easy-to-float coals with medium volatile matter and fine sludge content,and is suitable It is used in cold areas in northern my country;MB12 is suitable for hard-to-float coal with medium fine sludge content;MB25 is suitable for medium volatile coal that is easy to float and has a fast flotation speed;MB275 is suitable for medium volatile and high fine sludge coal.

5,(ZF)synthetic flotation agent

It is a product of kerosene as a raw material for liquid phase catalytic oxidation under normal pressure.The composition contains hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon oxides.The ratio of the two is approximately 60:40.The appearance is a brown-yellow transparent liquid with a density of 0.85 g/cm3,PH value is 6~7.The flotation agent has both collecting and foaming properties.

6,MZ series flotation agent

MZ series flotation agent is a coal collector with different functional groups and foaming properties.It is made from petrochemical by-products after processing,modification,preparation,and odor removal.Its main components are(C8——C13)Alkanes,aromatic hydrocarbons,fatty alcohols,hydrocarbon derivatives and a small amount of surfactants.The flotation agent has good collection,selectivity and certain solubility,and the flotation effect is better than using a single hydrocarbon oil.

7,OC additives

OC additive is an auxiliary collector to improve the flotation effect of coal slime.It can be used in conjunction with all collectors,foaming agents and composite flotation agents currently in use to significantly improve the flotation effect of oxidized coal.

8,slime flotation accelerator

accelerator is a flotation agent that can improve the effects of collectors and foaming agents,and is an important auxiliary agent for flotation coal separation.

The accelerator has the properties of a regulator and an emulsifier,so its role in the flotation process is to promote and increase the dispersion of hydrocarbon oil in coal slurry,generate fine oil droplets,and increase the chance of oil droplets coming into contact with coal particles.And make the oil droplets evenly adhere to the surface of the coal particles,enhance the adhesion strength of the oil droplets on the surface of the coal,and at the same time,when mixed with other flotation agents,it can also enhance the use effect of various flotation agents,improve selectivity and flotation speed,Improve the yield of clean coal.

Understand the above several collectors,in the future use process,you can better choose and use suitable and convenient collectors.