Development and Application of Molybdenum Flotation Reagent HB-M5

Molybdenum is a metal element that is rarely distributed in nature.There are about 30 molybdenum-containing minerals discovered today.The top three minerals are sulfide minerals,oxide minerals,and molybdate minerals.Among them,sulfide minerals are the representative.Molybdenite is the most widely distributed.At present,the metal molybdenum obtained from molybdenite accounts for more than 98%of the world's total molybdenum output.

In this test,the high-efficiency and refractory molybdenum ore collector HB-M5 newly developed by Hengbang Auxiliary Co.,Ltd.was used to conduct flotation tests on a variety of refractory molybdenum ore,and the separation effect of the traditional collector was compared.The recovery rate and grade have been significantly improved.In order to verify the stability and reliability of the pharmaceutical HB-M5 in the small-scale test process and parameters,after a large number of small-scale comparison tests,the industrial product HB-M5 was industrially tested in the concentrator,and good results were obtained.

Application of 1HB-M5 in copper-molybdenum ore

The company’s mineral processing laboratory conducted beneficiation experiments on a copper-molybdenum mine in Northeast China,a copper-molybdenum mine in Henan,and a copper-molybdenum mine in Inner Mongolia.HB-M5 was used for flotation tests and compared with the on-site reagent system to find the best Flotation conditions improve the recovery rate and grade of molybdenum.